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Remodel your kitchen for less

We all love a great kitchen, don’t we? Not even those who don’t cook can deny this. A custom kitchen is an art and having it adds great value to your home. Adding luxury to this significant room is every homeowner’s dream.

When you step into a kitchen with enough space, excellent lighting, custom built doors, drawers and cabinets, and matching appliances, you will feel a sense of warmth and elegance. What you may not be aware of is that a great design was used to give the kitchen that deserved look.

If your desire is to experience the same or to have a kitchen of your dreams in your Barnsley home, your next action should be to get a professional contractor and designer who packs the ability to turn your dreams into reality.


Why choose us?

Don’t we all like the idea of having our kitchen remodeling project done with the best in the industry and for less? For nearly thirty years, our team of professionals has been helping thousands of homeowners in the Barnsley Yorkshire area get custom built kitchens.

Many homeowners in Barnsley have opted to trust us with their kitchens mostly due to our reputation for professional service, quality work, reasonable costs, and unbeatable workmanship.  We aim to leave our clients happy and satisfied through our many services.

All through the three decades, we’ve built and installed tons of different types of kitchen designs which has given us an edge over many other firms in Yorkshire. Our list of satisfied customers is huge and many of them have kept spreading the word which has, in turn, led to an ever-growing customer base.

What to expect from us

A kitchen is many things. Nearly each of the components that make up a kitchen will at one point wear out. With this is in mind, we’ve spread out services to include everything from replacement kitchen doors, custom cabinetry and cabinet refacing to countertop installation and fabrication, drawers replacement and installation, plus a host of other related services.

Kitchen doors happen to be the most sought after replacement item especially to people who don’t intend to have a full kitchen remodeling. Replacement kitchen doors can avail any look you desire whether it’s contemporary, modern or classic. You can take a quick a look at the many varieties available today.

Laminate: Laminate doors are not only economical but very durable. A perfect pick for those on a budget. They come in a variety of colors, designs, patterns, and textures.

Wood: Wood is a perfect pick when you have a preference for a traditional or classic style. Solid wood, wood veneer, wood composite are just but a few of the many varieties you will find under this category.

Glass: Glass is a favorite to people who yearn for a modern look. You can find them in different forms including a frosted form and also in solid colors. Glass adds charm to the kitchen.

Vinyl: Vinyl is a great addition to any kitchen. Besides being resistant to stains and moisture, it comes in different patterns and finishes.


Steel: Steel is a great preference to anyone who looks to add an ultra-modern feel to their kitchen.  You can pair it up with other different items that complement its looks.

Besides replacement kitchen doors, you might also want to include:

Cabinets:  Custom cabinets are an item of beauty. You can get a custom cabinet using panel inserts made of any material including glass, wood, laminate, and many others.

Drawers: No kitchen makeover is ever complete without a touch of matching drawers. We got a huge collection of drawer types, styles, and sizes to suit your style.

Countertops: You have a wide variety to pick from when it comes to worktops. On top of natural ones like stone worktops, you can opt for man-made versions too. Countertops scream luxury and beauty and you will never go wrong with them.

What remains is for you to get the right contractor and designer in Barnsley. We are just a phone call away. Dial 01302 276996 and let’s discuss how to make your kitchen great. Alternatively, you can fill up our form, submit it, and on top of a free quote, we’ll be pleased to offer you any help you need.